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Want a Stall or Stand, are you an artistic lady or a
creative gent?
Stalls and Stands are limited so get in
quick. We stop taking bookings two weeks before the event.

What to help on the day? Have an idea for the day?
Remember that the Stoke May Fayre is COMPLETELY run by volunteers! We can’t do it without people like you!

Want to sponsor the May Fayre?
We gratefully thank this year’s sponsors and companies and persons who have sponsored in the past. Get in contact if you wish to sponsor the event.

The Stoke May Fayre is run COMPLETELY by Volunteers. Most of the people are busy 9-5 so please use the form and someone will be in contact asap.

The May Fayre is held at Stanchester Academy
Montacute Rd, Stoke-sub-Hamdon
TA14 6UG

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