Every Second Bank Holiday in May 
The Priory & Memorial Hall Grounds

Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset

Welcome to the May Fayre 2018
Monday 28th May 11.30am - 5.00pm
Free admission and parking TA14 6PA


email: info@stokemayfayre.co.uk


On behalf of the May Fayre Committee of the Sports and Recreation Trust and all the volunteers who make this day a success, we would like to welcome you to the Stoke sub Hamdon May Fayre and wish you a most enjoyable day.

The Stoke sub Hamdon May Fayre has become a calendar event in the local area and the volunteers who make up the May Fayre committee work very hard, almost from the end of the previous year’s May Fayre, to ensure that you have a wonderful day out. On the day, a lot more volunteers turn out to help set up the event, marshal the stallholders, organise the car parking and generally make sure the event runs smoothly.

We are very lucky to have a central location in the village with the Memorial Hall grounds and the 14th century Priory Grounds and the Tithe Barn for the May Fayre. We would like to thank the National Trust for all their support to the community in allowing us to use the wonderful setting of the Priory. Also, we would like to thank Castle Farm for allowing us to use one of their fields for parking and the Stoke Working Men’s Club for running an excellent bar for the event. This sort of cooperation and support within the community makes this a truly special event for the village.

Through the fund raising activities of the May Fayre and the Charity Shop, the Trust can provide a lot of support to the village for sports, education and recreation facilities and activities. We provide grant support either directly through the May Fayre and the Charity Shop or through the Trust and since December 2011 have contributed £65,945.00 to projects, facilities and organisations in the village.

The Sports and Recreation Trust also manages and maintains the existing facilities on the Recreation Ground on behalf of the Parish Council, which includes the BMX track, the skateboard park, the football pitches and training areas and the buildings. Maintaining this large area to a very high standard for use by the general public requires the Trust to be able to raise approximately £14,000 this year.

We have an exciting year ahead of us with a number of projects coming to fruition.

The Adventure Play Area project on the Recreation Ground is underway with the selection of a contractor planned for May this year and we have over £30,000 in the bank for this project. We are also planning to provide two picnic tables on the Memorial Hall recreation ground near the Boules Court funded by the Charity Shop. We are also aiming to replace the existing floodlights on the Recreation Ground and hope to have that complete by the start of the next football season. An exciting year for us and for the village.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for coming to our May Fayre, without you, none of this works and we hope that you will enjoy a wonderful event arranged by the community, for the community..



Peter Hulett  - Chairman of the  Sports and Recreation Trust

Denise Burton  - Chairman of the May Fayre Committee



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